Jam API is a service that allows you to turn any site into a JSON accessible api using CSS selectors. To get started simply run a post request to http://www.jamapi.xyz with formdata of "url" and "json_data".

Here's an example of what your data should look like, this queries the Product Hunt jobs site and gets the company name and the job link:

Example Sites

Random Medium: Gets you the top Medium post for a random day from September 10, 2014.

If you'd like to add your site, please submit a pull request.

Code Examples

Can be found on Github. If you'd like to add your own example please make a pull request.


When you pass an array with JSON you'll get a structure that looks as follows:

"companies": [
       "index": 0,
       "value": {
           "link": "http://blog.underdog.io/post/140227881612/were-hiring-a-communityrecruiting-lead",
           "name": "Underdog.io"
       "index": 1,
       "value": {
           "link": "http://jobs.babbel.com/en/?gh_jid=202241",
           "name": "Babbel"

All the attributes you provide as JSON will be put inside of the value property, and the index property is to be able to track what index it ocurred in the DOM. I nested JSON values into it's own so that you can still have an "index" property returned and not run into issues.